Simone de Beauvoir

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Long, long ago, the whole WWJD? craze began. It was a reference to 'what would Jesus do' and it was intended to make people think about their behavior. Was it appropriate? Kind? Christian? Argumentative? Dishonorable? You get the idea.

Since my last post was last year, I thought I'd better get blogging. But what would I write about? Where have I put my research on Simone--you know, the French feminist with whom I have so much in common--and what moment of her life can I connect to in mine? What Would Simone Do? OK, it's not that catchy. Nor will there be a bunch of bracelets and t-shirts emblazoned with the cheeky slogan.

Maybe I need to hang out in my local cafe with intellectuals like she did. The problem with that is my dislike for intellectual conversation. My brain needs stimulation, but not the kind where I have to think. It needs for me to make reactionary comments. Just keep firing them off. Whatever pops into my head and out of my mouth. BAM!

I'd rather trash Jodi Arias and her pathetic attempt to portray herself as a meek, innocent woman.She's the reason why victims of domestic violence, intimate partner violence and family violence don't want to press charges against perpetrators. She is making a mockery of this crime and for that alone she should serve life in prison...with a mean @$$ cellmate.

I'm open to discussing possible reasons why Nancy Grace wears that confounded bobby pin in her hair. Or why she interrupts people. Does she interrupt people in the line at the grocery store? I bet she doesn't even go shopping because she'd be mobbed by fans.

If those categories aren't of interest to you, how about Mike Brooks. He's the former law enforcement hottie on InSession. The guy's got sass and a cute face, to go with his 'tude.

Yeah, Simone is probably trying to hack into my blog and remove her name from the title right about now.

I get enough brain exercise with the work I'm doing. But I need balance, so I go to People magazine for a diversion. You see, when a friend and former co-worker is diagnosed with Stage IIIB colon cancer at 37 years old, intellectual conversation can wait. What becomes a priority is silly conversations, laughter and friendship. Discussions about setting up single friends with doctors or what color stripe to get in her wig when the time comes are better for my brain. Do ostomy bags come is different colors so it can be coordinated with an outfit?

Since she's battling colon cancer, the potty jokes are endless.

Colon cancer is a pain in the @$$.  Wipe away colon cancer. Bottoms Up (the new motto for a colonoscopy).

These silly, mindless thoughts create endorphins. If laughter is the best medicine, then my friend Claire has kicked cancer in the colon.

Like she says, 'you can laugh or you can cry'. I say laugh because crying leaves you with red puffy eyes that sting when you close them and a nose that would make Rudolph jealous. Laughter leaves you exhausted and sated...and if you do it right, you'll start laughing all over again at the craziness of your behavior.

It's loco. Claire's loco. That's why a 5K benefit was created in her honor. Simone has a bridge, but Claire has a road race. People came from Kentucky and Tennessee to run for her in Georgia. In January when colder than a mother-in-law's kiss as they say. Nobody ran for Simone. There were 130 people who ran in Cocoa Loco and many more will run in the next one on January 4, 2014.

Want to know more about Claire? Check out her blog! Just don't blame me if you laugh until you cry. She's like that, you know!!

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