Simone de Beauvoir

Friday, July 15, 2016

Calling all crime fighters!

So many causes, so little time to paraphrase an often used, often re-worded catch phrase. Whether it's a political candidate you endorse or despise, an environmental crisis, a group of people or lifestyle, there is a cause for which just about everyone can take up. How wonderful that we live in a country where we are free to do just that! Yes, there are places in the world where such liberty is denied; thousands have lost their lives for their beliefs. Shedding light on social plights is not a 21st century idea. In fact, it's what started this country, isn't it?

What is impressive is doing something about a particular cause on a small scale and recognize it as a global issue. Simone de Beauvior, a French social activist, has been credited with having laid the foundation for modern feminism. The fact that she found a cause in which she deeply believed and shared her knowledge with others so they, too, might share her passion was admirable, if not heroic. In an age where sharing thoughts was limited to word of mouth, the written word and a very limited telecommunication her impact was phenomenal. Even more so because it continues today!

Often times, shedding light on a social injustice is not welcomed warmly--if at all--by those who disagree with it. Still too there are those who disagree that the problem even exists! And so it is that today, it is hoped that light will be shed on an invisible population: children who have a parent that is incarcerated.

When a parent is incarcerated, often a family loses income. This loss can lead to others: housing, transportation, food. While the community offers resources--if the family is, in fact, aware that such opportunities exist--what about those things that aren't readily available? This country is a plethora of resources: Homeless Bus helps folks in New York, Family Promise is a national effort and Rainbow Village is a model example of a multi-faceted approach to eradicating homelessness. Communities offer food banks at churches, for example. The Place of Forsyth County offers food, work force coaching and emergency assistance.

Isabelle's Book Club, Inc. is dedicated to saving lives: the lives of children whose parent is incarcerated. These 'life savers' use books to save lives! No, they don't don red lifeguard bathing suits. They wear smiles and encourage kids to read.

Reading saves lives?


A child who isn't reading proficiently by third grade is at risk of not graduating from high school. You see, children learn to read in grades  Pre-K to 3rd. After that, the read to learn. Reluctant readers become frustrated and quit school. As a result their job choices are limited at best. How can you provide for your basic needs without gainful employment? Well, it's tough, so criminal behavior starts looking like the best choice. When there's a cycle of dysfunction in a family (crime, domestic behavior, addition), sadly it can become the norm.

The folks at Isabelle's Book Club consider themselves crime fighters. We do, too! Giving children the resources (lots and lots of free books), they can strengthen their reading skills and improve their academics. Better grades equates to better jobs. Better jobs, well, less time for crime.

Channel your inner Batman, Wonder Woman, Marvel Agent and fight crime in your neighborhood. Support Isabelle's Book Club. Donate, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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