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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prizes! Prizes! Oh My Prizes!

The prizes have started to arrive and my excitement continues to build about the contest.  Maybe it's the amazingly good-looking UPS man and his flirtatious ways that have me "twitterpaited" as Bambi would say. 

I know I have plenty of readers who are creative, so put on your "Re-Purposing" caps and get started.  One artistic reader offered using a beer stein as a pencil holder, a vase as a toothbrush holder (which counts as two re-purposes since the word can be pronounced with a long "a" or short one), and making a bracelet out of buttons.  Dare I say this reminded me of THE WATCH at Funky Chicken Art Project so much so that I needed a moment to collect myself before continuing to read. 

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