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Monday, June 14, 2010

This Blogged is RePurposed

So far the blog postings have all been about me.  I've written about Simone de Beauvoir, a non-traditional woman with numerous non-traditional beliefs.  You now know of my non-traditional path to earn a college degree.  The idea of non-traditional books (e-readers) and its impact on traditional books has been discusses. 

Now it's your turn, dear reader.  I want to hear from you.  But, there's a catch. And a contest!  I am convinced that you are creative, intelligent, and even non-traditional. 

You are hereby officially challenged, my dear reader, to take an everyday item and not use it in its traditional manner.   I've scoured the universe--or atleast my little universe--to provide some examples.  Yes, we all know that if you need an ottoman, take an old suitcase, add table legs, available at your local Home Depot and in no time, an ottoman. Ever wonder what to do with all those dominoes ~ no, not the pizzas ~ how about a serving tray? I've personally taken a frame, added drawer handles and made a tray. I also learned the reason behind the adage, "measure twice, cut once". But enough about me; it's about you, my dear reader.

The zipper rose is provided for your inspiration by

As we all know, readers have books; therefore readers need shelves.  This is one heck of a way to re-purpose a table or two.   I'm on the verge of coveting this.  Mind you I said coveting and not creating.

Lest you think this creation was an original idea, check out my source:

Are you more into clothing design?  How's this for re-purposing some duct tape and a phone book?   
The simple addition of a strand of pearls, and viola! a delightful cocktail dress.  Bet it comes in yellow, as well :-)  Note to self:  Avoid open flames.  The dress was discovered at

Here's one that easy-schmeezy ~ right up my alley because it involved moving the item from one room to another.  Whew!  Talk about hard work :-)  All I did was go to

Now, here are the details you really want:

Prizes:  While you work on your submission(s), I'll work diligently on  prizes. . . stay tuned. 

Deadline:  July 18 (roughly a month) 

Rules:  The item(s) must be used in a way for which they were not originally designed.  Post a photo of your entry along with a few sentences about what its use(s) now are.  In other words, how has it been re-purposed.  Stacks of empty cans are not considered re-purposed into room dividers; dirty clothes on the floor are not considered re-purposed into area rugs.  We're looking for something way more creative than turning t-shirts into pillows.  You may enter as often as you'd like.

Winner Notification:  The winning entry will be posted on my blog.  The final decision of the judges is that:  final. 

So, as the song goes "show me".  I'm anxiously awaiting entries.

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