Simone de Beauvoir

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simone and Arnold Schwenegger

The world is abuzz with news of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child. He admitted to fathering a child about ten years ago. He just now told his wife, Maria Shriver, and their children. His declaration is apparently what sent her out of their marital home.

When I read this news earlier today, I had a gazillion thought racing through my mind. First was initial shock. Then it was sadness for Maria and the young people who call Arnold 'Dad'. My heart goes out to them. Having to deal with personal issues is one thing; doing it with the world watching is quite another, I imagine.

I read somewhere that Arnold had pulled a "John Edwards". Now we're naming bastardizing children after politicians? Seriously? Arnold is apologetic and explanatory. I just don't buy it. Sorry. Is he sorry now? As in now that he was "caught"?

For years the secret was easily hidden. The mother of the child said that her husband was the baby's father. OK, so the affair is relatively easy to hide and the pregnancy is explained. Now what?

The Schwarzenegger marriage may be over. What about the mother's marriage? Will it survive? Was the husband blindsided by the news? Did he read about in on In the Washington Post? Or did she, his wife of however many years, fess up?

Schwarzenegger has issued statements including public apologies and has asked that the press leave Maria and their children alone. In addition, he has stated that he has been financially supporting the child. Why confess now? Who 'wins' with this confession? Arnold. Just Arnold. His conscience is clear, but he's also left a path of mega destruction.

And then there are the children whose parents engaged in sex outside their marriages.

What in the world will the 'love child' be told? Granted the Schwarzenegger family is comprised of young adults. They may be able to grasp the behavior. I'm fairly certain they won't like it or approve of it. However, there is a child whose world is about to be turned upside down. The man thought to be "Daddy" really isn't.

Why has such behavior become acceptable? Look at John Edwards. He eventually fessed up. What ramifications has he endured? His wife left him. Now he's entangled in a coverup scheme over a film proving the infidelity.

Can a lesson be learned here? Yes. Here's a very blunt one: affairs ruin lives. Guys-- keep it in your pants. Ladies--if he cheats WITH you, he'll cheat ON you. No exceptions! None. Not even Prince Charles. His infidelity is probably going to cost him the crown. There are high costs when a couple has an affair. The biggie is a loss of respect. Any respect anyone had for you is gone. Even those who may consider you a "big stud" or pat you on the back for bedding another woman, deep down they think a whole lot less of you.

In case you aren't aware of the irony in this, let me share it with you. Simone-Ernestine-Lucie-Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir,or as I call her, Simone de Beauvoir--the woman whose name appears in the title of this blog--was involved in a relationship with Jean-Paul Sartre. He asked her to marry and she declined. They never married nor did they live together; however it has been noted that they shared lovers. Apparently Simone and Jean-Paul preferred “mén•age à trois” to “monogamy”.

So now we have a distinct difference between Simone and me. One of which I am most proud.

As for Maria, I think she'll survive.  I believe she will even come out stronger when this all calms down.  She is part of America's dynasty and deeply respected by Democrats and Republicans alike.  Most of all she is loved.   

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