Simone de Beauvoir

Friday, April 9, 2010

Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay.

These words are attributed to Simone de Beauvoir. They inspired me to start this blog. OK, so did a professor of mine--a "kindered spirit"--who said everyone should have a blog.

But why title my blog after Simone de Beavoir?

For one thing, she and I are kindered spirits, too. It just took me a while to make that discovery.

I received an email indicating that I'd be the 2010 recipient of an award named after Miss de Beauvoir; I cried, I laughed, I shouted praises. Then it hit me-- who is this Simone person? Should I really be excited to be "associated" with her?

So I researched her.

She was born in France, in 1908. I was born in the United States, although not in 1908 :]

She lived passionately and for the moment. I try to live that way, every day.

She became financially independent and really began to assert her abilities. I am financially independent; I assert my abilities and try hard not to assert my opinions.

Jean-Paul Sartre would become her best friend and intellectual equal. Their relationship became famous because they promised to remain free to love other people while at the same time, to preserve their unity by practicing perfect honesty and total openness about everything. I am not sure if I have one best friend; none of my friends are French. I do know that my friends and I are perfectly honest with one another and have total openness.

She was dedicated to the feminist movement. Dedicated? Not sure about how dedicated I am; I believe in feminism, that's for sure.

She was also an atheist. Couldn't be farther apart here. I believe in a loving and gentle God.

I also researched things attributed Miss de Beauvoir. She had a way with words. Her quotes inspire me ~ did I mention they caused me to start blogging ???

So it begins. What will inspire me tomorrow?

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