Simone de Beauvoir

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The idea of blogging had been relatively foreign to me until a recent class at North Georgia College & State University. So, mustering my courage, I ventured into the world of blogging and began a somewhat tentative voyage. I wasn't part of the whole MySpace thing, nor did I have a great deal of computer skills, so I figured I would blog as I was so inclined.

Clearly it was not going to be a daily thing, let alone weekly. Being unfamiliar and not overly enthusiastic, my blog was going to be require minimal effort. I justified my pitiful attempts as the blog was a low priority.

So how did the blog come about?

The title came to be as a result of an award I'd won: Simone deBeauvoir Award for excellence in Femininst Theory and Practice at North Georgia College & State University. I HAD NO IDEA as to who Simone was and what she did with regard to feminist theory. The irony of being raised by a mother who believed that a woman was nothing without a man didn't escape me.

Then came the issue of actually writing/blogging. Generally speaking I figured there might be a few similarities between Ms. deBeauvoir and me, besides the obvious same gender.

This blog is now an assignment and I'm told ideally I will post at least three times a week. So much for a gradual entry into the blogging world.

I'd like to think that Simone would be proud as I trudge forward into unfamiliar territory and perhaps one day there will be an award in my name for blogging :-)

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