Simone de Beauvoir

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Two of Blogging

I believe that one reason I was hesitant to blog was that it required time--a valuable commodity in my life--and thought.  Did I mention I try to be grammatically correct in my postings?  In other words, this blogging thing was going to be work.  It would require me to "have a life" and the one I have isn't full of social events, drama, and controversy.  Not at all. 

I also didn't want to share things "with the world" that should remain private because of the involvement of others. Dilemma--yes, drama--no.

But I've found that I do have things about which to blog.  Some are relevant to the life of Simone.  Do you think it's rather presumptuous of me to call her by her first name?  Granted, we've never met, so the possibility of a formal introduction no longer exists.  Since she's dead, I'd like to think she's not offended.  Actually, I don't think she'd give a flip, regardless of her current "status".

And that's where I am today. 

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