Simone de Beauvoir

Sunday, May 30, 2010

“Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”

Simone de Beauvoir said this.  I don't know when or under which circumstances.  I think it pertains as much today as it did when originally spoken.

I try to change my beliefs for they become my actions.  My actions, in turn, become my character.  Ultimately, my character becomes my heart.

Today I made a few simple changes in my beliefs which I will take to heart. 

However, there is one belief that I shall continue to have.  The belief that every thing happens for a reason. Every thing.  Not just good things.  Not just bad things--and thus giving folks something to help explain them--every single thing, regardless of its descriptor, happens for a reason.

The cool part is not knowing why.  Let life happen.

Make a change, if you wish.

Embrace the bad things because, in the end, it's all for a reason.

What I think is the coolest part would be looking back and seeing how all the pieces fit together. 

Maybe this post was posted to encourage you to make a change. 

If you did, please share your change.  If you didn't, please share why not. 

Act now.  Without delay.


  1. Nice post, Denise. No changes for me today. What changes did you make?

  2. The first change was to blog. More recently, I am now on Twitter.

    On a more profound level, I've chosen not to take things so seriously. In the past, I'm been one of those people who saw the glass half empty. Now, I'm grateful that (1) the the glass is half empty - I had something to quench my thirst; (2) the glass is half full - there's more if I need it or I have something to offer someone else; and (3) that I even have a glass of something to drink when so many don't.